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LivinnX Santiago is the first building of CA Ventures in Chile, a multinational expert in Student Housing in the United States. With 144 apartments and more than 400 beds, this new concept of housing in Santiago has become the best meeting point for the student community around the world.
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Most accommodations in LivinnX are shared, but there are options to lease a complete unit.

You can rent an apartment with several friends, but the plans are personal, so each one must make their reservation separately and then we assign them together in the same department.

Yes. In LivinnX common expenses are included.

All those expenses related to the normal functioning of the community, these are classified in: administration, maintenance, repair and use and consumption

The value of the rent corresponds to your monthly accommodation, the unrestricted use of common areas, wifi and cable, discounts and benefits, sports classes and activities organized by us.

LivinnX has 144 apartments, but works under the “Student housing” model. That means that all values ​​are individual. In addition, the building is designed and think for the students, with rooms and spaces that are not found in other buildings. We also have a team 24 hours a day that is available to the residents.

If you come with someone we can assign you to the same department. In case of coming alone and wanting to share, we have a form that brings residents together according to compatibility.

The residents chooses the gender of their roommates according to their preferences.

All residents have an electronic access card, which allows them to access all common areas of the building. For prints, the resident should only bring their personal sheets.

Each resident is charged $ 30,000 which corresponds to the consumption of electricity and water. Depending on the payment method, a transaction cost can be added.

All apartments come equipped with beds, desk, refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. The bedding, bath, as well as the kitchen kits are for personal use, so the resident must bring them.

For foreigners:
– Passport Copy
– International Insurance
– Letter of acceptance from the University. For Chileans:
– Identity Card Copy
– Carnet del Aval Copy (if applicable)
– Background certificate
– Regular Student Certificate
– 3 last own liquidations or guarantee
– Work contract of the person who pays

The meeting rooms and the BBQ are suitable for reservations according to availability at the moment, however, the larger facilities, such as the pool, yoga room, study rooms can not be reserved for personal use, since they are common areas of the building.

Residents can invite their friends, they simply have to register once they are in the building. Residents have 3 free nights per month to invite someone to stay. From 23:00 hours, it is considered that the visit is housed in the building, so the day is discounted. Once these monthly visits are completed, if more nights are needed, a value per night is charged proportional to the value of the monthly payment.

Pets are not allowed inside the building.

In the event that there is a conflict between roommates, we will use the opportunity to teach about commitment and coexistence. If the residents solve their differences, they continue to share together. If they can not reach an agreement, they will move one of the two residents to another room. We have staff trained in resident life that will be responsible for the welfare and coexistence of residents 24 hours.

We only accept PayPal, Webpay, Credit Cards, National Transfers.

To make a reservation, you must pay an initiation fee corresponding to $ 100,000 Chilean pesos (non-refundable). This fee is intended for administration and reservation expenses, such as department preparation, cleaning, creation of keys, etc. The resident only pays the first month of rent at the time of moving.

In case of canceling the contract you have to pay the difference of the time committed. We give the possibility that you find someone to take your place and carry out a contract transfer.

We are 2 blocks from Metro Moneda Station (Line 1).

There are no schedule restrictions for residents.


LivinnX Santiago is located in Lord Cochrane 166, 2 blocks from the Moneda metro and close to universities, museums and shopping centers.

Santiago, Chile

Cell phone: (+56) 9 4449 5610 /
(+56)9 5732 1570 /(+56) 9 3376 7052


Apartments for students and young professionals

We have furnished rooms and Apartaestudios.

Hours of Operation

MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. SATURDAY: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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